Guided Computing

It is a well-known fact, that computers get more powerfull over time. While the rate, at which this is happening, is a matter of discussion, computers should be able to take over more complex tasks from us humans with each iteration. At the same time, many business owners and engineers are using mostly manual methods for the same processes, over and over again. This is, where we fit in.

Based on more than a decade of experience in optimising engineering tools and developing custom software solutions, we are eager to improve your work-flow, speed up your business and help you outsource tasks to your computer. We call this guided computing. Your computer will need instructions on how to do its job. We provide these instructions by writing code.


In many cases, the underlying problem does have a solution already. Technically, it is working. However speed can be an issue. Usability can be an issue. Flexibility can be an issue. One common example are spreadsheet files. It is easy to use them for prototyping. Most engineers know how to use Excel. Over time, the file gets bigger, more elaborate – and slow. It is difficult to automate this spreadsheet as part of a tool chain. At this point, it takes some effort to create a clean and fast app in a programming language like Python. We do this on a daily basis. We are happy to help – just get in touch with us.